With plenty of options available,  there’s nothing bog standard about the modern toilet. You may already be familiar with the affordable close-coupled toilet, where the cistern sits on the back of the pan in plain sight.  However, if you don’t want pipework on show, opt for a back-to-wall toilet where the cistern is concealed behind a stud wall or within a furniture unit.

To achieve a sleeker, more minimalist aesthetic, work a wall-hung toilet into your scheme. Once again, the workings are all hidden behind a stud wall along with a WC frame to which the toilet is securely attached. Where the cistern is concealed, you’ll need a flush plate or button. This is a small detail but also a chance to add a touch of style thanks to the range of looks and finishes we have available.

If you have space to spare, a bidet is a hygienic addition, and when installed next to the toilet, brings a pleasingly balanced aesthetic to the bathroom. Alternatively, invest in a high-tech Japanese style shower toilet that combines the benefits of a WC and bidet. You can use the remote control to adjust the wash mode, water temperature and to activate drying.